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Welcome to the EmailMyResume Employer Frequently Asked Questions section. We have attempted to provide answers to the most commonly asked questions below. Please read the F.A.Q. carefully, in most cases your question will be answered. If you do not see the answer to your questions, you may contact our support staff via e-mail at:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:Who can register to receive resumes?
A:Direct Employers, Search Firms, Retained and Contingency Recruiters. If you are selling a product, representing an mlm or some other "get rich quick" scheme don't sign up. All accounts are approved by an administrator prior to the resumes being sent. If we can't verify you via an active webpage with a matching email address, your account won't be approved.
Q:Can I filter resumes by industry and discipline?
A:Yes, your selections will be available to you in the sign-up process.
Q:Can I filter by geography?
A:Yes, you can filter by states in the US, and certain countries and continents. These selections are in your profile filters. You will receive resumes of those people who currently reside in these areas, or wish to relocate to those areas.
Q:Can I filter by salary?
A:Yes, in your profile you will be able to set "high - low salary ranges" for the types of people you typically recruit or hire.
Q:How does the filtering system work?
A:The candidates make the same selections as you do. Then our software matches them up with you then delivers the filtered resume right to your email box.
Q:Help!! I can't remember my login and / or password!!
A:Use our password look-up found in the recruiter zone.
Q:I'm going on vacation, can I stop the resumes until I get back?
A:Yes, log in to your profile, click on the "Deactivate Account" link. Then when you return log in again and click on the "Activate Account" link.
Q:Are the resumes really FREE to me?
A:Yes they are really free! No commissions or fee splits of any kind with us at all.
Q:Why am I getting duplicate resumes?
A:The technician may have hit the "send it" button twice, or you may have 2 profiles. Hit the reply button on both of the resumes dups and look at *your from* address. If they're the same, we hit the button twice, if they're different than we have 2 profiles for you. Just drop an email to and let us know which one to delete.
Q:Can I send emails advertising other products to the candidates?
A:NO, NO, NO!!! Our terms of service prohibit advertising of any kind to the candidates with the exception of asking them to visit your corporate website. We regularly send out 'test' resumes to weed out spam, and are currently litigating those who didn't believe us. Violation in any way of our Terms of Service may result in immediate removal from the system and possible litigation.

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