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  JobSeeker FAQ

Welcome to the EmailMyResume JobSeeker Frequently Asked Questions section. We have attempted to provide answers to the most commonly asked questions below. Please read the F.A.Q. carefully, in most cases your question will be answered. If you do not see the answer to your questions, you may contact our support staff via e-mail at:

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q:   What separates from other employment sites?
A:    Most job boards and employment sites offer you the opportunity to post your resume in their database. However, this means that employers and recruiters have to search to find you. Once they perform a resume search they have to decide to read your resume from among the hundreds of thousands, which were returned in the search. To eliminate this process, we created easily sends your resume directly to recruiters and companies through email. This process requires no additional work from the subscriber. Since we have advanced resume filtering capabilities, each resume is desired by the companies and recruiters based on the regional and industrial categories selected.
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Q:   Who should use
A:    Anyone who desires to accelerate their job hunt and interact with recruiters, headhunters, and HR personnel.
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Q:   Can I receive a list of who my resume was distributed to?
A:    After your resume is distributed to recruiters and employers, you will automatically receive a firm name listing. You will not have to choose this option during the submission process, this is a free service to our users.
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Q:   Can I add industries and/or regions to my account?
A:    You will be able to add industries and regions for $5.00 per selection. For an example, if you choose four regions and two industries, you will be responsible for an additional $10.00. You will have the opportunity to review the charges at the end of the submission process.
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Q:   Can I register to have my resume redistributed?
A:    In the "Review and Complete" step, there is an option where you can have your resume redistributed automatically, after thirty days of the initial sign-up date. In additon, you will be able to log into your account to make updates before distribution occurs.
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Q:   Do you have companies and recruiters who specialize in international placements?
A: allows you to distribute your resume to companies and recruiters throughout the entire world. With the international jobseeker in mind, we developed to target your resume to specific regions. Unlike, other resume distribution services, we allow our candidates to specify states, countries, regions, and provinces.
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Q:   How many industries and regions do I receive for the base price?
A:    For the base price, you will receive three industries and three regions. However,'s industry categories are broader than most resume distribution services on the internet. We offer our candidates a cost-effective, comprehensive resume distribution service.
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Q:   Is a subscription service?
A: is not a subscription based service. There will be no automatic charges to your account.
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Q:   What if I want my information to appear confidential?
A:    As a free service to our customers we allow you to send your information confidential. This option can be found in the "Experience/Education" step.
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Q:   What if I want to target employers, but wish to exclude my current employer?
A:    With Job Seekers' job security in mind, we developed this feature. In the "Company Opt-Out" step, you will be able to select companies where you do not wish to distribute your resume.
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Q:   Who will receive my resume?
A:    With, you will be able to send your resume and cover letter to employers and recruiters. Our firms range in size from individual solo recruiters to large multi-national corporations.
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Q:   Will I be able to log in to make updates to my account?
A:    With, you will have a login account. Therefore, you will be able to access your account at any time to make appropriate updates.
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Q:   Will I be able to view a total before my credit card is charged?
A:    On the last step of the resume submission process, you will be able to review your total and make necessary changes.
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Q:   What if I have additional questions?
A:    For additional questions, please feel free to send an email to or contact EmailMyResume Customer Service by calling (540) 374-5685.
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